Hi! I'm Wilson!

You'll very often see me holding a Starbucks coffee cup, wearing Athleta, and bundled up in layers as I'm always cold. I love wellness, taking adventures, and building community through it all. I'm based in the heart of Minnesota, aka Minneapolis.

I geek out on understanding the human body and how it works. I want to know the why behind everything and I love to learn. Whether it's in the gym, a yoga studio, or in a classroom, I am the ideal student. Give me a pen and some paper, and I'll sit there all day soaking it in.

I also have a HUGE love for supporting other women. I believe in helping others pursue their dreams and in being a woman who supports other women. Helping you find peace and balance in your own health journey while educating you along the way is my dream.


I'm a power house and some day, I will have built my empire. I dream of building a business, working entirely from home, having a podcast, writing and publishing a New York Best Selling book, and hosting events throughout the country.

If you've made it this far and are still here, kudos and thank you! It's much appreciated! Sign up below to ensure you don't miss a thing!

xo, Me

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