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Preplanning your IG Posts

Hey sister. This is for the business driven, trying to grow a community girl on Instagram. If you're using your platform for reasons beyond just connecting with high school friends, this is for you. If you're using it for a business or trying to grow one, listen up!

How many times have you jumped on IG to post, but had nothing prepared? So you sit there for 45 minutes trying to come up with something to post ending up with only wasted time. I've done it, many times. Stop sitting in this cycle and listen up!

I started preplanning my IG posts and it's been a life saver. It takes time and effort, but when a busy day suddenly appears, I'm so thankful that I had a post already prepared! I share all of my secrets and tactics with you below!

Step #1 - Get clear on your purpose.

Get specific with the purpose of your page and the content that you want to share. What are you hoping for your follower's to gain from your content? What value are you wanting to share with your community? You have to get clear on this. If you're confused on the "why" behind your page, then your audience is going to be confused. Get clear on this dear.

Step #2 - Organize your content into categories.

You need to get organized with this. You can't post all over the place and expect your followers to connect with you. There has to be some sort of consistency in your content. My categories include 1) education 2) mental health 3) fitness 4) business and 5) lifestyle. I then evenly post from each category throughout the week / month so that I have several different topics being covered. I don't post fitness related topics eight days in a row. I strive for variety, make sense?

Step #3 - Pre-write your posts.

I pick a block of time available in my week to sit down and write out several IG posts for the following week. Personally, I strive to have five posts written ahead of time. I'll sit down on a day off, take a two hour block window, and write. I've learned that I'm a person who gets inspired in random moments and not when I'm actually ready to write. I scribble down my inspiring thoughts whenever they come to me so that I can later come back and make a post out of them. This keeps me from forcing ideas in a time crunch. Having these saved on my phone has made it much easier to post on busy days. I typically try to have pre-written posts from more than one category as well.

Step #4 - Plan when each post will go live.

Sounds silly to even explain because this is simple - I literally plan out the following week and decide which post will be posted on which days. I'll plan the entire post - which day it'll be posted, with which picture, and with which caption. When it's time to post, all I have to do is copy and paste. This is also an easy thing to do on long drives - write out captions in your notes and save them for later!

I use an app called "Preview" to organize my photos ahead of time. It allows me to see my pictures in a grid to ensure they look nice next to one another and are organize in a way that flows. You can't have a messy grid, girl. And I personally want to see what each picture will look like next to the previous one before I post it. I hate having a messy IG page and this app has helped me create such a beautiful page!

I know that some of this seems simple and it also sounds time consuming. But, if your'e looking to up level your IG page, I suggest trying this out! If you want your audience to view your page as a business, you have to start treating it as one. Pre-plan, my dear. Get organized. And take away the stress of last minute creating.

You'll thank yourself later, and so will your business.

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