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Who do I get my Info from?

Fitness, Nutrition, and Business related.....

When I first started diving into the Instagram fitness and health space, I struggled to find women who I could learn from. I was looking for women with good hearts, badass accounts, and who shared solid health related information. Women that I could trust and go to for guidance.

Let's face it, there is SO much information out there. I found myself feeling lost trying to shuffle through all the posts. One account told me to do "X" and the next account said the total opposite. There was a ton of support in the on-line community, but I wanted more. I wanted mentors and I wanted to learn. It took time to find my core group of women, but I eventually found them!

To help you work through the maze of information, I decided to share my top eight women who I'm currently soaking in information from for all things fitness, nutrition, and business related. I highly recommend them all!

Here they are.

1. Annie Miller

She is the woman behind Annie Miller Concepts, a Strength Coach and Biz Mentor, founder of the FITSPRO Podcast, and FitsPRO Foundations. She loves to educate her humans and is a big supporter of all women trying to build an empire. If learning to lift

heavy things with a coach who is unapologetically herself is your jam, Annie is your girl.

2. McKenzie Kidman

Kenzie is a Fitness Coach, but primarily serves as a Business Coach and mentor for new personal trainers. Her husband and she created Pro Coach Academy, a program to help new coaches find confidence in this industry. If you're looking for a mentor who's incredibly genuine, has a heart of gold, and is very approachable, it's Kenzie.

3. Gerilyn Burnett

Gerilyn is a Strength and Conditioning Coach who serves women in the gym and with their nutrition. Her account is full of education in all things health. She is very intelligent, well rounded, and one of my biggest supporters in this space. Talk about a girl who knows who she is and is so willing to show up as herself on this platform. Meet my friend, Gerilyn.

4. Trish DaCosta

Trish is the creator of Barbell Pilates and a Certified Person Trainer. She believes in combining Pilates with strength training to help you stay injury free, gain strength, and build your confidence as you age. She is incredibly kind, tells it how it is, and strong doesn't even begin to describe her personality. If that hasn't convinced you, know that she is guaranteed to give you a good laugh. She's hilarious. This is Trish.

5. Beth Smeeton

Beth is a certified Health and Life Coach and the creator of Powered By Beets. She believes in living a balanced life and having healthy habits with food. Helping women heal their relationship with food is this girl's passion. Her account has been my go-to for support when struggling with my own nutrition. Plus, she's adorable and her posts always brighten my feed. Say hi to Beth.

6. Sarah Grajeda

Sarah is a Personal Trainer and a Lifestyle Health Fitness Coach. She helps clients learn how to properly

fuel their bodies and say bye to the

yo-yo dieting. She aims to teach her clients how to have control over their nutrition and fitness. She is one of the kindest individuals I've met through social media. Her page is filled with warmth & honesty. If you want a coach who feels like a friend, here she is.

This is Sarah.

7. Allison Tenney

Allison is an online Fitness Coach helping you to connect your body with your mind. She is a former Division 1 athlete and collegiate coach. She deeply believes in the strength of community and having a supportive team as a crucial piece to success. She's very down to earth, transparent, and provides positive influence on her platform. If you want community and a powerful leader, Allison is your girl.

8. Rachel Turner

Rachel is a Business Consultant, the face of The Brave Business School, Author, and creator of "Make a Rukus." This girl is a gem inside and out. I don't think I follow someone more authentic or know of an account that's as "bull shit free" as her's. Her feed is filled with knowledge, laughs, and value. If you're looking for someone who makes you feel connected, that's Rachel.

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